WiserHealth for the new year!

The new year is a great time for starting afresh with our well being goals. Wiserhealth will be offering weekly tips to help improve well being this January!


Get playing!

I’ve taken inspiration from Miranda Hart comedian and popular TV personality who has now trained as a life coach. She argues that following dreams of better careers and climbing ladders to become successful don’t lead to happiness nor are they meaningful. But playing allows us to be creative and can lead us to insights about what we would really like to be doing with our lives.

So ideas for ‘playing’ more.

Board Games – don’t relegate them back to the cupboard after Christmas – keep playing. Some cafes now offer games and local libraries often have a game club too.

Get out more and enjoy walking locally and add some games like good old fashioned ‘I spy…’ as you go round, there must be others too please share.

Play with your children! Or other children in your extended family. Or perhaps elderly folk maybe sharing your favourite jokes or trying to make some up.

Join a Drama group or any other club where you can play around and have fun.

Have you got some ideas too!


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