Super Summer

Super Summer!

We really hope you are enjoying this super summer. How about some tips for staying cool?

Drink more water! After finishing with a glass bottle of drink rinse it out and refill with water. It is better to use glass for the environment and plastic bottles are not good in the sun.

Take an umbrella! It may sound strange but having an umbrella can help keep you cool when the temperatures are blazing at this time of the year.

Look after your feet to stay cool! If you can cool off your feet this can bring your temperature down and help you feel more comfortable. Try open shoes, dtich the socks and put your feet in a bowl of cool water - wonderful!

Janet Wise July 2018


Spring into Spring

There is no better way to see in the new season than looking after yourself and enjoying relaxation. We have some fantastic therapies for you to try but remember there is always a place for relaxation in your everyday world. Just 10 minutes each day spent sitting or lying down and listening to your breathing or a relaxation sequence will make all the difference! 

If you would like some help with your relaxation programme this spring see our special offers.

Stay well!

Best wishes

Janet Wise


Mindfulness - take time to chill this holiday season

Mindfulness – take time to chill this Christmas Season

There’s no getting away from it Christmas can be stressful.

Sometime last year I attended a one day Mindfulness course organised by The Carers Hub in Plymouth with the help of MIND, a great organisation doing fantastic work to help people manage their mental health. The course was great. I found the notes while clearing out and wanted to share them with you all.

Mindfulness is about being PRESENT

Simple Ways to Get Present

Take Ten Breaths

This is a simple exercise to centre yourself and connect with your environment. Practice it throughout the day, especially any time you find yourself getting caught up in your thoughts and feelings.

1.       Take ten slow, deep breaths. Focus on breathing out as slowly as possible until the lungs are completely empty – then allow them to refill by themselves.

2.       Notice the sensations of your lungs emptying. Notice them refilling. Notice your rib cage rising and falling. Notice the gentle rise and fall of your shoulders.

3.       See if you can let your thoughts come and go as if they’re just passing cars, driving past outside your house.

4.       Expand your awareness: simultaneously notice your breathing and your body. Then look around the room and notice what you can see hear, smell, touch and feel.

Notice Five Things

This is another simple exercise to centre yourself and engage with your environment. Practice it throughout the day before.

1.       Pause for a moment.

2.       Look around and notice five things that you can see.

3.       Listen carefully and notice five things that you can hear.

4.       Notice five things that you can feel in contact with your body, (for example, your watch against your wrist, your trousers against your legs, the air on your face, your feet on the floor, your back against the chair).


Happy New Year!


Soulful Summer Offers - Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology

Yes! Summer is approaching we can tell from the abundance of blossom, trees bursting with leaves and beautiful flowers appearing everywhere.

If you would like to about improving your relaxation and well being this summer WiserHealth can help with our great Soulful Summer offer of two wonderfully relaxing treatments for £60 a saving of £10. You could choose from massage, including aromatherapy body massage. Or you might prefer a Reflexology or Indian Head massage, all guarenteed to help you feel so much better!

Ring now to book your appointment. 01752 283953

Have a great summer 

Janet Wise


Happy New Year! And congratulations to the winner of our Spot the Location Competition

Happy New Year from WiserHealth! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2016!


For those local residents who took part in the Spot the Location competition the answers can be obtained by clicking here.

It has been good fun to use art, particularly photography as therapy in 2015 and I will be explore this more in 2016. Please feel free to contact me with your stories or suggestions about how we can use Art to reduce stress and improve our well being.

Best wishes

Janet Wise






Calendar Competition for keen eyed Plympton Residents

Iconic views of Plympton St Maurice – can you name them?

Local Plympton Mum turns amateur photographer!

It was an exciting day for a local mum Janet Wise  when her much anticipated calendars and canvases arrived from the printers. This was the result of attending a Carers Hub photography course last year aimed at helping carers relax and have some respite from their caring roles.

Janet said ‘I have always loved taking photos and when I saw this course I thought it would be great to learn more about how a camera works and how to properly take pictures. They loaned us cameras to take pictures between the sessions and one of the first pictures I took was of St Maurice Church from George Lane which came out beautifully. That is the picture on the front cover of the calendar’.

Janet approached Sally Collings of ‘Priority Dry Cleaners , Laundry and Photo Services’ in the Ridgeway and asked her if she would be prepared to sell some calendars in the shop. Sally said ‘When I saw the calendars I thought they were really nice and that local people would be interested. I wanted to help Janet and we also thought it would be good to get some canvasses printed which I’ve got displayed in the shop too. I’ve always believe in helping each other out’.

Two other local businesses have been kind enough to sell the calendars. They are Salon at No. 6 6 St Maurice Road, Plympton and Envy, Fore Street, Plympton St Maurice. The calendars have also been featured in three local media publications The Herald, The PPI and The Plympton Shopper. A huge thanks for everyones support!

Recently a local resident asked exactly where in Plympton St Maurice the photos were taken and this sparked an idea for a competition. Janet said ‘ There are some well known Plympton St Maurice landmarks but others images would need a closer look. We thought it would be fun to make it in a competition to name the spot it was taken at. Anyone can enter for free at the shop and the winner will get a free calendar or a canvass print. Competition closes at midnight on 31st December and the draw for the winner will take place in the shop on 2nd January at 12 noon.’

The first answer has already been revealed above!


Calenders are priced at £9.75 They are unique, beautiful and limited addition making a great Christmas gift. 

Here are some clues to help you with the others:

January: The Lamb Feast is held here every year - take a turn around the edge.

Feburary: Ancient halls Plymouth, Devonport and our very own.

March: Our own ancient monument has green all around - this time a different edge.

April: The Church you'll know, the spot is set back behind the school near a Close of 'Thread'

May: A peaceful allyway between ancient houses on St Maurice's former 'foreshore' Street

June: This road shares its name with a popular tourist part of Plymouth

July: The educational establishment of a famous local Artist

August: This street housed many commercial properties including the Police Station and the Post Office

September: Skies above our beloved Church – taken from a road on the 21 bus route

October: Surely no clue needed!

November: So many to Remember

December: The interloper! Not in St Maurice but keeping our residents fed and watered we love our local shops.

Print your own entry form here

All images from the calendar are available as canvas prints sizes SMALL 8"x 12" £15.99 MEDIUM 12" x16" £24.99 and LARGE 18" x 28" £48 (excluding postage)

For more information contact Janet on 01752 283953 


Art as Therapy

Have you ever considered using Art as a way of relaxing and chilling out? Last year I was lucky enough to attend a photograpy course in my role as a carer of my son. I was loaned a camera and it was brilliant to be let loose on our beautiful countryside and coastline with a digital camera and return home and see them in all their splender on my lap top. It's a great way to relax and forget about everything and producing beautiful pictures is also heart warming!

I've managed to capture a number of really stunning views of my local area Plympton St Maurice and last year collected enough good images for a calendar. This year I've gone one step further and asked a local business woman Sally from Priority Dry Cleaners on the Ridgeway if she would help me sell my work. I was so delighted when she said 'yes'.

So you see Art can be a great therapy and may even bring you some revenue too!

If you would like to purchase a calendar they are priced at £9.75. This is one of the first pictures I took of St Maurice church in George Lane.  Contact me via 


WiserHealth Looking for a new Partner

There has never been a more important time to look after your health and well being. WiserHealth is a local business dedicated to helping people do just that!

With a fantastic service and years of experience we are now seeking to treat more people and are looking for a local partner to help us grow.

If you are a qualified therapist with current Insurance to practise please contact us via the website to share your idea of how we could work together.

Best wishes

Janet Wise

Owner WIserHealth


Your Child Your Voice

WiserHealth are very happy to be supporting Your Child Your Voice. We had a fantastic relaxation day in November where members of the group were treated to taster relaxation therapies and we practised progressive relaxation techniques with excellent results. Hopefuly we'll be repeating the day some time soon!


Time For Me

There is a great event happening on 12th November called Time for Me at Virginia House, Palace Street, Bretonside Plymouth.

Your Child Your Voice a CIC helping Parents and carers of children or young adults with a disablity to have a voice, are hosting a morning of relaxation and information.  Click here to see the flyer.

If you would like more information or to book your place which includes a free 20 minutes taster complimentary therapy call now on 01752 283953


Gummee Gloves - An inspiring business woman Jodie Boothby

Enterprising Women in Plymouth

I was fortunate to attend the Enterprising Women networking event at Plymouth Marine Aquarium this morning. I have never been to the Horizons Suite and was bowled over by the incrediable panoramic views over Sutton Harbour towards the Barbican.  It was a glorious day and a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in this fantastic part of the world.

Lucy from Enterprising Women introduced us to Jodie Boothby who has recently won a Mumpreneur Award with her product for teething babies the 'Gummee Glove'.  She gave an inspiring presentation taking us through her life journey, including many years of going up entrepreneurial blind alleys, leading to this point where she is finally seeing some success. So it seems tenacity is the name of the game and fortified with this news I'm passing it on!

It's so easy to get bogged down in the day to day hassle when you are trying to make some thing happen - it's great to see women finally getting the break they need after many years of hard graft. It was also inspirational to hear about the 'secret' investor who loaned her money pound per pound without interest! There are amazing people around - the world is a good place.


UK Women's Business Launch Event

Alison Casey, Moor View City councillor and Amanda Drake-Worth of 'Happy Signers' are launching a new UK Women's Business Network group which is to integrate women from all professions, employment and to include stay at home mums. The idea is for us to come together to network, train and socialise in informal settings and to allow women to discuss issues related to their workplace, profession or  business.

This will be launched at the Council House in the Reception room on Thursday 7th of February 9.30 till 2pm.

WiserHealth will have a stall at this event and will be sharing our unique brand of relaxation and stress management through Complementary Therapies and our new WiserSelf Plan. Come and say 'hello', and hear about this exciting new venture for Plymouth and the UK!

Janet Wise


Staying Calm in Schools - Inset Training for Primary Schools

Staying Calm in School

WiserHealth is happy to announce another business collaboration this time with Liza Booth of local business The Coaching Booth.

Liza is a fully qualified teacher, trainer and coach with lots of great experience in both public and the private sector.

We're very excited about our new Inset Training because it brings together our strengths as teachers and also draws on all the health and stressbusting experience we have gained over the years.

See search under events for further information.

Janet Wise


WiserHealth at Co operative Party Meeting

Co-operative Party Membership

Towards the end of last year we felt that becoming a member of the local Co operative Party would be a good idea because it fits with our ideals with it's emphasis on communities working together.

The benefits of Reflexology and Relaxation

We are therefore very honoured to be asked to speak at the January meeting on 17th in Plymouth at 7.15pm. The presentation will be entitled :The benefits of Reflexology and Relaxation. Audience and time permitting I would like to try out a Health Quiz, practise some visualisation and point out some of the reflex points we work on during a Reflexology treatment and of course talk about the wonderful relaxation and well being benefits.

If you would like to come along I'm sure visitors would be welcome! Email me for more details. Click here to view the flyer.


Happy New Year!

At WiserHealth we would like to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year!

Let's hope that 2013 is a brilliant year for abundant health and great well being!

With all the 2012 successes and challenges behind us will take this opportunity to thank our team  Debbie, Sarah and Nicky for all their hard work and we look forward to working together again in 2013.

We would also like to welcome Wendy who will be joining us sharing her wonderful Reiki and meditation skills.

We will continue offering the best possible Complementary Therapy Service and will be pushing forward with our WiserSelf Plan helping our clients to create their own Self Care Plan for 2013.

Also on the horizon we are planning to work with another local business The Coaching Booth, with the wonderfully talented Liza Booth, helping us expand our health and well being services into local schools.

Once again Happy New Year and we sincerely hope it is a good one!

Best wishes

Janet and Rob


10 Tips for an Unstressy Christmas

In this season of joy and goodwill take a look at these 10 ways to stay calm this Christmas!

Click here to view PDf  


WiserHealth at Plymouth Networking Event

WiserHealth will be out and about networking at this month's Plymouth Business Networking meeting at the Devonport Guildhall in Ker Street Plymouth.

The event is run by Christina Hudson of Eva's World and Amanda Drake-Worth of Happy Signers fame, two local businesswomen encouraging us to get together, trade with each other and network.  Lots of local businesses will have stalls and local charities too. The Guildhall also has a great cafe.

Come and see us for a relaxing taster treatment.  Special Christmas offers available and I’m also offering my ‘Relaxation in a Bag’, a great Christmas present for a loved one.


Plympton Christmas Lights Switch On!

WiserHealth are proud to announce we are now part of the Plympton Chamber and we will be joining other local businesses to help celebrate the annual switching on of the Christmas lights at the Ridgeway in Plympton on Wednesday 28th November.

Please come along and see what a wonderful job the local businesses have done decorating the Ridgeway, Plympton for the festive season.  It would be great to say 'hello'. We are very much hoping the weather will be kind and we can enjoy the festivities on a bright, clear, dry evening at 6pm.


Women and Social Enterprise Workshop part of Plymouth Social Enterprise Festival

WiserHealth look forward to attending the Women in Social Enterprise Workshop as part of the Plymouth Social Enterprise Festival organised between 12th and 18th November in Plymouth.

Plymouth Social Enterprise Network helping to organise the event want to welcome any new and potential Social Enterprises to this unique event.  The programme of activities can be viewed on their web site at

Gareth Hunt co ordinator of the network and director of Irridescent CIC believes that Social Enterprise has a great future in both our national and local economies where businesses with a social conscious can really make a difference.



What is WiserHealth?

It's Armada Speakers time again and this time we're celebrating 'Plymouth International Book Festival'.  The Astor Hotel, 7pm Tuesday 18th September.  The Festival runs between 15th and 23rd September with loads of great literary events happening around the city.  Check out for more information.

I'm delivering my eighth speech regarding 'Getting Familiar with Visual Aids' from the Competent Communicators Manual and I will be referring to a most inspirational book for me at present which is called 'Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom' by Dr Christiane Northrup.

My speech is entitled 'What is WiserHealth' and is a great opportunity for me to show case our product the 'WiserSelf Plan'. This is our  new unique approach to health and well being, using a self care plan alongside complementary therapies and lots of relaxation to help people feel at their very best.

We had a great meeting last time.  Positive, funny, inspiring and with a real sense of shared purpose.  I'm looking forward to that feeling again.

Janet Wise


Overcoming Adversity

'Overcoming Adversity' is the theme for our Armada Speakers get together on 4th September.  We'll be celebrating the amazing achievements of the Paralympic athletes and offering our unique blend of prepared and off the cuff speaking.

Please note our change of venue.  We are moving to The Astor Hotel, in Elliot Street, Plymouth and are assured of a warm welcome from Joesph Louei and his staff.  We'll meet in the Churchill Suite at our usual time of 7pm for a prompt 7.15 start.

I'm still really enjoying my Armada Speakers experience because I meet really friendly people there and hear challenging and interesting speeches.  I gave my seventh speech last week and came out the winner in the prepared speech category!  My speech was entitled 'The Perils of Five a day'.  I used a clip from Jamie Olivers TED speech, about the increase in obesity and crisis with food choices for Americans and their children. I made comparisons with what's happening here in the UK. The content seemed to strike a cord with the audience and I had good feed back.  The 'perils' I spoke of was the misunderstanding I held for a while that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I had my five fruit and vegetables a day.  That didn't quite work out. I'm about two stone lighter now, I'm pleased to have found a better way of eating thanks to help from Ramin my acupuncturist.  Making friends with food is a fundamental part of our work at WiserHealth,  finding a balanced way of eating, exercising and living that keeps us happy and well.

My fascination with and sometimes obessions with food and health takes me on some interesting journeys.  Does this happen for you?  If you'd like to know more or share ideas please don't hesitate to contact me.

See you on Tuesday at the Astor Hotel, guests made especially welcome.  Don't forget drinks afterwards in the bar.  Let's share our voices, practise being heard and being a good listener and have fun at the same time.

Janet Wise



Do you practise Reflexology and/or Massage Therapy?

WiserHealth is looking to work with other Therapists

WiserHealth are continuing to develop our work in the Plymouth leisure industry and we are looking for more therapists to join us.

Would you like to work with other therapists enjoying on going training and the benefits of flexible working while still remaining self employed and able to grow your own business?

If you are fully qualified, insured and registered with a professional body and practising any of the therapies listed below we would like to hear from you!

The therapies we promote are: Reflexology and all types of Massage Therapy.

In the first instance please contact us via the 'Contact Us' session on this web site.

Please indicate therapies you are qualified to practise, a short resume about your experience and your avaliability for work (it doesn't matter if this is irregular the idea is to have a bank of therapists to call upon.)

We look forward to hearing from you!


WiserHealth Business Collaboration

From a Healthy Mind and Body to Healthy Finances

Taking inspiration from the Outset Plymouth recent workshop encouraging new and existing businesses to collaborate, at WiserHealth we are working on an exciting new project with Lee Mill law firm SWLaw Solicitors Ltd.

SWLaw are experienced solicitors offering detailed knowledge and skills within specialist teams and have come up with innovative ideas for working with other businesses and within the local community. They have instigated the setting up of South West Devon Business Networking, encouraging local businesses to meet on a regular basis for support and shared business development.  They have donated to the Woodland Trust and host Art Exhibitions in aid of charity, at the same time promoting the work of local artists.

September will see us hosting a joint seminar at Flete House in the beautiful South Hams where together we will share ideas about Legal, Financial and Mind & Bodily health!  People nearing retirement age are developing ever higher expectations about their retirement years and sound legal, financial and health planning are a must if these expectations are to be met successfully.

We hope this is the first of many collaborations!

Thanks to Mandy Lilley for making the necessary introductions and initiating the project.


WiserHealth Present at Enterprising Women

Women Speaking Up!

As part of a business collaboration day on Friday 20th July between 1 - 3pm Enterprising Women Plymouth are inviting women to join them for Espresso at Plymouth Argyle Football Ground - The Directors Lounge.

The event will include Vivian Pengelly as guest speaker, who is the former leader of Plymouth City Council and committed supporter of Enterprising Women.

Janet will be representing WiserHealth and Armada Speakers, Plymouth's International Toastmasters group.  The presentation will look at images of women in the media, drawing on the award winning film 'Miss Representation' directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and currently making waves in the USA.  The film argues that misrepresentation of women in the media leads to underrepresentation of women in positions of decision making and power.  Janet wants to find out if local women agree with this idea.

The event is aimed at business women wanting to network and be inspired by others who are developing their business in Plymouth.

Free to members and non members pay £5.  Paste this link into your browser for more information.


Great iPromote Training Session with Celia Delaney

On Monday 16th July WiserHealth helped to organise a training event for women in Devon funded by grants from the Community Council of Devon.

It was a great training session featuring the iPromote system created by Celia Delaney.

The training took place in the beautiful training suite at the relatively new WaterMark Centre in Ivybridge.

Everyone who attended the session was really impressed with Celia's enthusiasm and very supportive way of working.  The group was made up of local business women at different stages of their development and Celia managed to differentiate with ease.

Nicky said: "It's one of the best women's training events I've attended." 

Janet said: "I can't wait to put all these new ideas into practise."

We hope to be able to collaborate in providing more training in the near future so watch this space!


Armada Speakers

Don't forget it's Armada Speakers again this Tuesday 10th July.  The Duke of Cornwall hotel Plymouth,7pm.

Your chance to experience public speaking and have a go yourself!  Guests visit for free and we are always looking for new members whether you're an experienced speaker or a novice. 

Come amd join us.  It's a relaxed and fun atmosphere and we're practising skills that can really make a difference in our lives.  They have for me!

Janet Wise 

Call 01752 283953 for more details.


Janet's Top Ten Tips 4 Tip Top Health

Life is so busy these days that we have to keep on running just to stand still!

But sometimes we are just running on empty on our daily treadmill, and it doesn't make us feel any better or healthier. And sometimes stopping for a bit of respite, to stand back and take stock, is the best exercise you can take.

So in support of the old wisdom of a healthy mind in a healthy body, here are some tried and tested recipes for healthier living - click here to see Janet's ten top tips for tip top health!


Announcing the arrival of our Wonderfully Relaxing Weddings!

Wonderfully Relaxing Weddings

Great news our Wonderfully Relaxing Weddings Brochure has arrived!

We are now ready to help all brides and grooms enjoy a smooth and stress free run up to your big day.

Lots of therapies to choose from to make your occasion truly special.

Click on Wonderfully Relaxing Weddings for more information.


Herald Business Awards

Alas it wasn't to be our night on Thursday 12th April at the Herald Business Awards but we did have a great night sharing a little of the lime light with the great and good of the Plymouth Business community.

The Award in our Spirit of Enterprise category went to Lee Duke of Chasing Paper who was a deserved winner, having grown a very interesting and worthwhile waste recylcing business helping integrate disadvantaged young people into the work place.  Well done Lee!  He was really chuffed to get the award as were all the winners.

We learned alot about the business community in Plymouth and saw many years of hard work pay off for the winner of business of year txtnation.  It was inspiring to see family businesses beavering away over many years to create and maintain sustainable companies. It was also good to be part of an evening honouring and celebrating the work of Peter Vosper who won the Life Time Achievement Award.

We enjoyed great food provided by Riverford Organics which included a selection of vegetables which are not always appreciated and can be hard to find in some English restaurants - our interest in all things health related makes it appropriate that we were able to enjoy some greens!

Thanks to Outset Plymouth who sponsored the Spirit of Enterprise Award and made us feel very welcome.

and to Kevin Kelway who helped capture the evening for us with these great pictures.


WiserHealth Join Plymouth Better Together

We have become a Plymouth Better Together Charter Holder!

Plymouth Better Together is Plymouth's corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, bringing together all organisations within the city that take their commitment to the 'triple bottom line' (social, environmental and economic sustainability) seriously.

As a Charter Holder, we now more than ever need to practise what we preach. We have made a number of pledges to improve our performance in the four Plymouth CSR areas enshrined in the Plymouth Vision for 2020: to be healthy, to be wealthy, to be strong and safe, and to be wise.

We are aiming to become a Delivery Partner soon, where we can share our experiences and expertise with other member businesses and organisations and help them deliver on their pledges. Wish us luck in these endeavours!

For more information about Plymouth Better Together, visit


First Time Fridays

Introducing First Time Fridays, for those people new to Reflexology.  Have you heard about the benefits of Reflexology but haven't had a chance to try it out?

Have you heard from a friend or relative how great they felt after a Reflexology session and feel you'd like to give it a go?

We've designed FIrst Time Fridays to give you the chance to experience the therapy, the therapist and get a little taster of how great it feels to truly relax!

They take place on the last Friday of the month in our relaxation room here in Plympton and cost just £12 for a 30 minute session.  Also your chance to hear more about WiserHealth Therapies and our approach to relaxation.

See Events for future First Time Friday dates.  Next one 27th April - must be booked in advance.


The Herald Spirit of Enterprise Awards


Many thanks to Outset Plymouth who are sponsoring the Spirit of Enterprise Award in the Herald Business Awards this year.

WiserHealth are very happy to be shortlisted along with two other local businesses.

Also thanks to Will Telford of The Herald for another good write up.  The Spirit of Enterprise Award recognises people who have persevered with their business amidst adversity and shown determination despite their difficulties. 

Janet said "We now share the workload of house, children and WiserHealth and have come on in leaps and bounds. We have overcome setbacks and hurdles by working as a team."

The awards ceremony will be held at The Holiday Inn and hosted by Esther Rantzen on 12th April 2012.  Wiserhealth will join the other businesses in celebrating the event and of course would be delighted to be a winner!


Women Speaking Up

Hot on the heels of International Women's Day on 8th March, Janet is delighted to be putting her Armada Speaker experiences into practice by delivering a presentation to the Plymouth Chamber Network Of Women, on Tuesday 20th March.  The presentation entitled 'Women Speaking Up' will explore the way in which our 21st century world places great pressure on women with endless sterotypes and controversial role models.  The aim is to allow us time and and space to explore how negative and sexist images can sap our confidence and our voice. 

Janet will argue that with the best will in the world it's hard not to feel pressurised and even disempowered.  When we realise that we are surrounded by unfair media coverage and inequalities at every turn it's no wonder that our confidence disappears. But the answer is not to turn into a shrinking violet and try to fade into the wallpaper but recognise that we are being duped!  We have a right to speak out so come on women let's speak up! 


WiserHealth Welcome a New Team Member

WiserHealth welcome Rob de Jong as our latest recruit. Rob has provided plenty of support during the last few years as a volunteer, but has now joined WiserHealth as joint owner and partner.

Rob brings something a little different to WiserHealth. He is not a therapist, although he has been a willing subject for many therapies over the years. He has a business and ICT management background, often working in large organisations, but is happier dealing face-to-face with individuals and small groups - he is currently training as a qualified counsellor.

Rob will be responsible for the WiserHealth 'back office', for developing our links with businesses and organisations in Plymouth and surroundings, and for growing our online business and presence.

He is also passionate about the rights of people with disabilities and their parents and carers: "I want to take forward the work Janet and I have done with parents and carers of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions through our Time To Relax sessions and coffee mornings and build partnerships with similar organisations in Plymouth."

Please join us in wishing Rob all the best in his new role.


Positive Plymouth Competition - Win a Free Relaxation Therapy!

Many thanks to Charlie and Gemma from Heart Radio who just recorded my 'Positive Quote' to be used in their up and coming radio campaign

We think it is a great ideaBeing aware of the positive makes good sense!  It is very true that the more negative news we hear the worse we feel and this can actually influence what happens.  If you tune in to Heart Radio over the next few weeks you'll hear local businesses saying what they think is positive about Plymouth.

We've decided to make this into a competitionListen for us on Heart Radio and post a few words about it on our Blog.  You'll be entered into a draw and the winner will receive a free relaxation therapy treatment of their choice.*

*Terms and conditions apply.  Please see details under Events - Competitions


WiserHealth and Armada Speakers

2012 Armada Speakers - next meetings 21st February and 6th March

Janet has been a member of Armada Speakers, the local Toastmasters group here in Plymouth, for several months now and she has really enjoyed the varied presentations and speeches.  In 2012 Janet is looking forward to continuing her Competent Communicators Manual which means four more speeches to be prepared and delivered.

Janet said "I joined Armada Speakers because I enjoy speaking but I lacked confidence and even got palpitations in certain situations.  I really benefit from the structured programme that Toastmasters bring to their public speaking forums."

It is a membership organisation with a very modest yearly fee, and it  relies on volunteers to organise the meetings and  run the group .  Everyone starts with the basic Competent Communicators manual and works their way through the ten speeches which highlight different areas for attention and improvement. 

We meet every two weeks and each session up to three people give a speech according to their level and manual.  There is also time for speaking 'off the cuff';  this is designed as the fun part of the evening and it is!  I know it's hard to believe if you're nervous about speaking in front of people but it does get easier and you'd be amazed at the interesting stories we manage to conjure up and present.

We meet at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel at 7pm and we're a friendly, supportive bunch!  The idea is to help everyone feel at ease with speaking so understanding and encouragement are very us.

If you would like to know more email me on or telephone 01752 283953.

Visitors and new members always made welcome!


Relaxing Mother's Day Gifts

At WiserHealth we believe relaxing complementary therapies make fantastic Mother's Day gifts and that's why we're dreamt up Mum and Me.  Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing therapy alongside your mum.  Choose from our great range of treatments from Reflexology and many different Massage Therapies to Reiki.

At WiserHealth we offer mobile therapies across Plymouth and into South Hams so if you're mum finds it more difficult to get out or just prefers to be pampered at home just give us a call on 01752 283953.

At WiserHealth we pride ourselves on offering great customer service so if you would like us to tailor a treatment package to meet your needs please ask!

We'll be ready with suggestions or waiting to hear your ideas.  Call us or email 01752 283953 -


Opportunities for Complementary Therapists in Plymouth

WiserHealth is looking to work with other Therapists

With the start of the New Year WiserHealth are looking to develop our work in the Plymouth leisure industry and we are looking for more therapists to join us.

Would you like to work with other therapists enjoying on going training and the benefits of flexible working while still remaining self employed and able to grow your own business?

If you are fully qualified, insured and registered with a professional body and practising any of the therapies listed below we would like to hear from you!

The therapies we promote are: Reflexology and all types of Massage Therapy.

In the first instance please contact us via the 'Contact Us' session on this web site.

Please indicate therapies you are qualified to practise, a short resume about your experience and your avaliability for work (it doesn't matter if this is irregular the idea is to have a bank of therapists to call upon.)

We look forward to hearing from you!


Services Extended in Plympton Relaxation Room

All Complementary Therapies now avaliable in our Plympton Relaxation Room

We're very happy to report that for 2012 we are extending our services in our Relaxation Room here in Plympton.  You can now enjoy any one of our marvellous therapies in the peacefulness of our relaxation room. 

This also includes massage carried out in our new on site massage chair!  This chair is a great addition to our equipment as it enables us to provide a great Indian Head Massage and very good neck and shoulder massage.  This is particularly good for anyone preferring a seated massage to lying down on a couch. 

For more information please contact us on 01752 283953.


Relaxation CD's have arrived - Children's Relaxation CD's on special offer only £5!

Challenging Pain CD

For those of you who have enjoyed Reflexology with WiserHealth you will know the importance we place on relaxation techniques.  This is where we feel we offer additonal value to our customers because learning how to relax using guided relaxation is such a brilliant way to remain healthy and promote better health.  I always recommend the Arthritus Care CD called Challenging Pain because it is a great place to begin if you've never practised guided relaxation before. Also it's great value at only £5 from their web site

We also have some in stock now and only charge £6 to cover admin.

Children's Relaxation

Recently someone asked me "Do we really need to teach children relaxation - aren't they naturally relaxed?"  I think it's true children can be such good teachers about how to play and be spontaneous but unfortunately I think they too can be influenced by the stresses and strains of life from a young age.  If we can help them to appreciate 'down time' and give them space to listen quietly to these enchanting stories and lovely calming music I think we're setting them up to have great relaxation habits in the future. 

recommend following relaxation CD's to the parents/carers of children who come to me for reflexology and would highly recommend them to parents/carers wanting to extend the relaxation experience to their young ones.

We have relaxation CD's for children at the New Year discount price of £5 for Lori Lite and £6 for Christiane Kerr.

Call me if you are interested on 01752 283953.


BBC Spotlight Picks Up ASD Support Group Idea

Many thanks to Outset Plymouth for organising the Enterprising Women event some weeks back.  This is where Aysha Iqbal the news presenter at Spotlight picked up the flyer for our monthly Coffee Mornings for supporting parents/carers of ASD.  Being interested in social issues of this type Aysha visited the coffee morning and heard from some of the group members the challenges we all face managing a child or teenager with ASD.  She then came back home and met Stephen and chatted with him and us for quite some time getting a feel for what homelife is like for an asperger family.

Many thanks to Aysha for all her hard work organising the footage and helping us raise awareness about autism spectrum conditions.


WiserHealth give Reflexology Tasters at Plympton Fire Station Training Centre

As part of their Health at Work Initiative, the Fire Service were happy to host WiserHealth in their Plympton Training Centre.

Janet and Debbie attended the Taster sessions and managed to work with eight enthusiastic training centre staff.  They were treated with a short Reflexology, foot massage session and everyone looked and felt more relaxed after their treatment.

It is hoped this will be the beginning of more regular attendence for WiserHealth at the centre.  A questionnaire is being sent to the staff to see if they would like regular treatments. 

Many thanks to Tracey Smith at the Association of Reflexologists for organising the event.


Carers' Rights Day

WiserHealth Complementary Therapy Services are very pleased to be supporting and taking part in Carers' Rights Day on 2nd December Mariner Suite, Holiday Inn. Plymouth,

The theme this year is Money Matters and this is a free event between 10 am and 3 pm for carers of adults and children with advice, information and refreshmentsWiserHealth will be there offering taster hand reflexology sessions for a small donation.

For more information about the event contact Carers Champions on 01752 211348

For more information about our taster sessions please contact 01752 283953


Well Woman Morning

Now November is truly underway I'm happy to remind you all that Christmas is just around the corner!

Instead of worrying and starting to panic WiserHealth invite you to a morning of gentle exercise, relaxation and pampering.  We'll share ideas on better time management to help you through the 'mad season' and most relaxing of all, during the morning you can enjoy a wonderful relaxing complementary therapy such as Reflexology or Indian Head Massage.

This is all happening on Thursday 24th November, at the Astor Hotel, Plymouth PL1 2PS 10.30 am - 1pm.

In reality you can't do anything to create more time other than good organisation. Then all you need is the ability to switch off and look after yourself accepting that you have done all you can. The best way to ensure that you can continue to meet all those competing demands is to keep yourself as well as possible.

Click here for flyer

Click here to download a Booking form

For more information about this event see the Events Page and click on Well Being Clubs and taster sessions under Categories.

Or telephone me Janet on 01752 283953 to book your place.


WiserHealth joins the Plymouth Chamber

WiserHealth Join the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

After a good few months of dilly dallying WiserHealth have finally signed on the dotted line and joined the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.

We knew it made good business sense but we had to be sure that we were going to be able to take full advantage of the frequent networking events.  WiserHealth have enjoyed a very long and fruitful journey with Women Do Business, picking up awards and undergoing lots of excellent training.  Now that the programme has ended we are setting our sights on more networking and training in Plymouth.

We began our foray into the Chamber world with a NOW event.  This is the women's business group Network of Women.  We enjoyed an excellent lunch at The View restaurant on Royal Parade and I really enjoyed Clare Wiston's presentation on Photo Reading.  I'm still astounded that anyone can read at 75,000 words per minute and still be able to retrieve that information and apply it usefully.

Last night's New Members Reception was informal and friendly and I enjoyed chatting to other new Chamber members.  In the near future we'll be looking to bring WiserHealth issues such as healthy eating and stress management on to the agenda, so watch this space!

Janet WIse


World Reflexology Week

World Reflexology Week

It's World Reflexology Week so all around the nation and internationally too, people will be relaxing back and having their feet gently massaged and manipulated to help them, and their feet, feel a whole lot better!

If you'd like to take part search for a therapist near you.

WiserHealth will be offering 30 minute taster sessions for £10 in Plympton between 24th September and the end of October.  The above web site is also great for learning more about Reflexology.  Look out for the preview articles from our Reflexions Magazines which can be viewed on line. If you're already a fan of Reflexology, why not spread the word and mabe  think about buying someone a Gift Voucher as a great Birthday or thank you present.

Telephone 01752 283953 or email to book your session.


Why I love working with Elderly Folk

As a member of the Association of Reflexologists I enjoy reading the quarterly 'Reflexions' magazine.  It carries a wide variety of articles from helpful advice about different conditions to information about up and coming training and professional development events.

With interest I noted that the December 2011 edition will focus on the 'Elderly'.  As I treat and have treated a number of elderly folk over the years and in particular work with an elderly gentleman who is quite a character and very inspirational I decided to write an article and will send it in.  I don't know if it will be published but you can read it here if you'd like a flavour of why I love working with elderly folk! Click here


Complementary Therapies are a hit with hoteliers and guest house owners

Complementary Therapies Are A Hit

Many thanks to Betty and Roy at the Invicta Hotel, and to the other guest house owners who came along to the Well Being Scheme Launch on Wednesday 10th August.

Guests were welcomed by Janet Wise and Robert de Jong of WiserHealth and Debbie Flower, one of the Complementary Therapists helping to deliver the service.  They listened to a short presentation about the scheme and asked questions about how it would work.

Robert said "It was a good evening as it gave us a chance to test out our idea.  The very honest  feedback we received shows that there is a great deal of enthusiasm for the scheme, but we do have to make it manageable for the smaller establishments." 

Thanks are due again to Roy Martin this time for offering the venue for the next stage. This will be a session of staff training on the different aspects and benefits of our range of Complementary therapies

It you would like to know more about the Well Being Scheme please contact us on 01752 283953


Well Being Scheme For Plymouth

WiserHealth Well Being Scheme for Plymouth

WiserHealth are very pleased to be offering our wonderful Complementary Therapies to visitors to Plymouth.  In conjunction with the Invicta Hotel, we will be launching this wonderful new service on 10th August, inviting local hoteliers and guest house owners to join us to hear about our WiserHealth Well Being Scheme for Plymouth.

The plentiful benefits of this scheme include better well being for the hotel and guest house owners.

If you are a Hotelier or Guest House owner in Plymouth and you would like to join us please call us or email before 8th August.  We will be delighted to forward you an invitation.

If you are a Complementary Therapist interested in learning more about opportunities with WiserHealth please contact us.

For more information go to the Events section under Well Being Scheme.

To find out more or to book a treatment please email or telephone 01752 283953 


Janet Wise delivering Complementary Therapy Speech at Armada Speakers.


Armada Speakers is a public speaking group which meets at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel in Central Plymouth, every two weeks.  Affiliated to the international Toastmasters Association the group has been running for several years and is now under the Presidency of Martin Limburn.

On August 9th Janet Wise will be giving her third speech from the Competent Communicators Manual entitled 'Do Complementary Therapies Like Reflexology Really Work?' Click here to read the speech script.

Janet said "For this speech I have to make clear my general, and specific purposes.  It seemed like a good idea to share my work at WiserHealth with the group as this gives me an ideal opportunity to tell a captive audience about just how great Complementary Therapies are."

If you would like to come along on August 9th guests are very welcome as they are always looking for new members.  The aim of the group is to allow members to practise their public speaking skills in a fun way.  There is a course structure to follow and the speech assignments are designed to help improve speaking skills gradually and eventually help the members feel supremely confident about any public speaking situation they might find themselves in

Visit the Armada Speakers website at


Reflexology Hand and Feet Taster Sessions at Harewood House

Reflexology and Flowers can mix!

It was very enjoyable to be part of the Harewood House Fuchsia and Geranium Flower Show at Harewood House, Plympton on Saturday 30th July, many thanks to Irene Clements for agreeing to WiserHealth having our room set up at the same time. It was lovely to see the beautiful exhibits and hear about the hard work that goes into producing these flowers for showing.  It was certainly worth it with rows of amazingly colourful  plants bedecking the large hall and lots of appreciative visitors.

Visitors enjoy taster Reflexology

Also many thanks to those who were brave enough to opt for a taster session. It's always good to meet new people and see them sink down into the chair and breathe in the relaxation! 

Complementary Therapies including Reflexology on offer this summer.

If you missed out on this opportunity don't despair!  WiserHealth has wonderful offers this summer so please click on 'Complementary Therapy Offers' on the Home page. Or call me now for your FREE 15 minutes consultation.

01752 283953 or email


More time in Recording Studio.

Many thanks to Jay Auborn who has been guiding me through the process of laying down the vocals on the Pyramid Adventure relaxation CD for children.  He showed great patience today.  We recorded the story but I sounded like I had a peg on my nose due to hay fever and we agreed to give it another go next week!  I must stay off the dairy and sugar for next week or this could go on all summer.

The music is sounding really good now.  It has a very gentle but pleasantly haunting melody which I think will work brilliantly when the story is finally recorded.  Watch this space!

Best wishes

Janet Wise


Interview by Will Telford at The Herald Newspaper

I  visited the amazing Western Morning News building in Plymouth International Business Park, what wonderful architecture, I wonder if they do tours?

I was there to meet with Will Telford a reporter at the Herald who had agreed to see me with a view to running an article on WiserHealth.

I thought it was a great meeting.  He's really easy going and very approachable.  He listened really intently and agreed to act as 'guinea pig' for the photo taken by Paul.  With any luck the story will be printed in Wednesday's Herald, just before our 'Healthy Me Healthy Business' training event for Complementary Therapists, hopefully that will mean final spaces will be filled.  Telephone 01752 28395 for more Information.

For more information on the web site about this event click on Events

Janet WIse.


Time to hit the Recording Studio!

It's with great excitment that I've just booked to go and record my Pyramid Adventure story at DBS Studios in Central Plymouth.  The first cut of the music sound track is now finished and I'm going to begin working with Jay at the studio to bring the finished CD to fruition.

You can listen to an introduction to the CD by going to 'Relaxation for Children'.

I've been working on this CD idea for some time now so it's great to see it moving forward.  I know how benefiical relaxation is to adults and I've also seen it work brilllantly for children.  Only yesterday I watched an agitated child become calmer and happier after deep breathing and active listening.

I will bring more news about the CD as the project continues.  Please contact me if you would like more information on 01752 283953.

Janet Wise


Healthy Me Healthy Business Training Event

Calling all Complementary Therapists!

Do you sometimes feel isolated working alone in your therapy business?  Would you benefit from inspiration and confidence buidling?   Would you benefit from shared discussion about business planning, marketing strategies, identifying your target audience and netwroking?

Join me on 9th July 2011 to try out new ways to confidently promote you and your business. Telephone 91752 283953 for a Booking Form.

For more details see Events/Complementary Therapists CPD Training




Coffee Morning and picnic on Plymouth Hoe for Parents/Carers of children with ASD

At a recent Time to Relax meeting for Parents and Carers of children on the Autistic Spectrum we thought it would be a good idea to get together for a coffee and chat.

Please see Events for more information.

Wednesday 22nd June, 11am The Waterfront Bar, Plymouth Hoe and afterwards if the weather is fine on the Hoe near the War Memorial for a picnic.

All welcome!


Runner Up Most Dynamic Use of IT! 2011 Women Do Business Awards

I've been on a high all day as I'm totally thrilled to have been awarded Runner Up in the Women Do Business, 'Most Dynamic Use of IT' annual awards.

At the incredibly beautiful and impressive Great Hall, on the Dartington Estate, I joined business women from all over Devon to celebrate our achievements over the last year.  It was a great night and once again truly inspiring.

I particularly enjoyed hearing from Alison from The Green Shoe Company who told the fascinating tale of setting up her green business on a 'shoe string' over 20 years ago in Totnes and how she now exports internationally and has recently had shoes featured on the Catwalk at Fashion Week.

Sally Hurst is also another inspiring successful woman entrepreneur with her local business 'The Old Bag Company'.

It was great to be part of such a hardworking collection of women and thanks were rightly given to the marvellous Women Do Business team who have made it possible for so many women to start up, grow their business and achieve their dreams! 

Email me about this news story at

Janet Wise


Watch Janet Wise on YouTube

Watch Janet talk about WiserHealth on YouTube, recorded as part of an Outset Plymouth women's business showcase event on International Women's Day (8th March 2011).

Click here to link to video clip.


Children's Relaxation Story - Listen to a preview

Children's Relaxation CD

Many months after writing and trialing the stories in local schools the Pyramid Adventure Relaxation story is now being recorded at Deep Blue Sound Studios in Plymouth.

If you would like to hear the wonderfully calming introduction to the story click hereYou could close your eyes and follow the instructions to relax.


Business Breakfast at Dartmoor Zoo

Many thanks to Michele Marsland of Marslands Accountants for inviting me to attend the first Plympton Chamber Business Breakfast at Dartmoor Zoo.

Wary of the early 7am start I found the zoo easily. On the short walk from the car park I was already confronted by the delightful, if surprising sight of Tapirs rustling about near the track to my right and an ostrich preening itself grandly to my left, I didn't realise how tall they are!

Along with the other Plympton Chamber members I tucked into a hearty breakfast and listened with interest as everyone introduced their businessesAlex Smale, Business Development Manager from the park then told us the fascinating tale of how the Zoo was bought by owner Ben Mee. We were invited to tour the park and Ben joined us to tell us more about the incrediable news that the film rights to his book 'I bought a Zoo' have been bought by Fox Studios who are at present making the film with Matt Damon and Scalett Johannson.  

There is a air of excitement about the place yet they are still struggling to meet their many financial commitments while they wait for the champagne corks to fly.  As local businesses we were invited to help by sponsoring the park or supporting some aspect of their work.  I'm busy considering how I can be involved as it feels like a great heart felt project and a magical place to spend time.  I've a few ideas so watch this space...


WiserHealth Launch Social Network

We have launched our first online social network! It is called Talk ASD with WiserHealth and gives parents and carers of children with ASD an opportunity to share their experiences with people in a similar position.

Talk ASD with WiserHealth builds on the Time To Relax support group events that we have been running for the last few months (click here for details on the next session). We realise that it is difficult for parents/carers of a child on the spectrum to attend a scheduled meeting, as they often won't know until the day itself whether they will be able to make it... That's why we are keen to provide an alternative that people can access anywhere, anytime and not have to miss out on the invaluable support and advice of other parents and carers.

If you are interested in signing up to Talk ASD with WiserHealth, contact Janet or Rob on our usual number 01752 283953 or by email at


Complementary Therapists Conference - Ockment Centre Okehampton Devon

Women Do Business are putting on the last of their fantastic Business Training events over the next few weeks.

The Complementary Therapists Conference taking place on 5th May at the Ockment Centre in Okehampton, Devon, promises to be an interesting and informative event. The event is FREE to all women Complementary Therapists in Devon, if you're not a Women Do Business member it couldn't be easier, just go to  and sign up for the free training programme.

WiserHealth will have a presence at the Conference this time round.  Janet Wise has been asked to share a short inspiration visualisation, originally written for the local Complementary Therapy networking group known as Natural HealthNet, which she co-ordinates:  "I'm really looking forward to the day.  I particularly enjoy meeting other therapists, it's great to share ideas and it's important to have that chance to meet similar businesses experiencing the same highs and lows, it's a good opportunity for us to support each otherI've learned so much from the business professionals Women Do Business work with and look forward to more insights to further enhance  WiserHealth on 5th May".


Sping Into Summer with our latest promotion!

Spring Into Summer!

Your chance to enjoy spending time with friends or family or both!  You get to relax together enjoying a choice of treatments and chill out time that can't be beaten.  Healthier than a trip to the pub and probably cheaper too!

Go to Offers to find out more about this wonderful new treatment package.  Suitable for hen nights and even stag nights for the new man!

Or telephone 01752 283953 to find out more!


Women Do Business Training Day a Great Success

Women Do Business Showcase

I've just returned from a Women Do Business training day at the Ockment Centre in Okehampton and it's been a very informative and inspiring day.

I attended three workshops throughout the day and enjoyed all of them and learned a great deal.  I've just got to start putting it all into practice!

In the morning first I joined Brenda Daly who gave us great tips on how to make the most of attending exhibitions. She talked us through the important areas of reseach we need to take on board before we book an exhibition and gave us clear guidelines about how to make the most of our time there.  Most importantly she stressed the need to follow up our activity, reminding us that the event isn't over until you've evaluated  and followed up any actions that have arisen out of the day.

The next workshop was with Kate Doodson of Cosmic, who talked us through search engines and their optimisation.  Loads of interesting and useful stuff but loads of work too!

The afternoon session was run by Bradley Lewis and he was helping us strengthen our customer services ideas and gave us some excellent suggestions for getting good customer feedback, essential if we are to keep our business on the right track.

Thanks to everyone involved in organising the day!

Janet Wise


Plympton, Plymouth Well Being Club

WiserHealth has begun running monthly Well Being Clubs in Plympton, Plymouth.  These groups are aimed at anyone who would like to look at their health and share time discussing different aspects of well being.

The next club date will be on 27th April where we will be discussing stress management!  We will share what has worked for us and what hasn't.  Your tips are particularly welcome. The emphasis is on fun and we aim to learn from each other. The sessions always start with a very gentle movement to music and finish with a relaxation session.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket for extra warmth and padding.  All ages and abilities welcome.

The venue is Harewood House in Plympton, Plymouth.  Meeting Room 1.  Time: 10.15 - 11.45 please note the slight increase in cost but still only £5 per person.

For more information or to book your place telephone 01752 283953 or email


WiserHealth Blog Up and Running

With the WIserHealth Blog now up and running it would be lovely to hear your views on the topic being raised.

I'm really hoping the Blog will be an extension of the discussions we have in our monthly Well Being Clubs in Plympton.  This month's topic is Diet and Nutrition. 

Just click on the Blog icon on the home page.


Special Treats for Mother's Day

There are two special treats designed especially for Mother's Day from WiserHealth this Mothering Sunday.

Please click on 'Offers' for more information or call me Janet on 01752 283953!


Time To Relax

After a very enjoyable first session the next Time To Relax session has been planned for Tuesday 15th March and all parents and carers of children with ASD are very welcome!

The session will be very informal with lots of time to chat and discuss the short presentation on 'Sensory Integration'.  There will be some input on the different types of Relaxation that we can try and time spent practising breathing techniques and relaxation.

The venue is Virginina House, Peacock Lane, Plymouth.  Please see events for more information.



WiserHealth celebrates International Women's Day

As a keen supporter of International Women's Day for many years I am excited about the programme organised for the 100th International Women's Day in Plymouth this year!

The events are fantastically varied from the Plymouth Blitz 70th Anniversay Conference,  looking at Women's role in the War to the Girl Geek Dinner, encouraging female students to take up traditionally male dominated disciplines.  More information can be found on

WiserHealth are proud to be involved with the 'Are you a Women Entrepreneur' event on 9th March organised by Bridgette Rice at Outset Plymouth email  The event will take place in the Theatre Royal, level 3 between 12 and 4pm where women like myself who have already set up in business will join with service providers such as Working Links to give help and encouragement to women thinking of starting out on their own!  It's a celebration too!  Come along and say hello!


WiserHealth presenting at Early Years Inclusion Conference

WiserHealth held a stall at the Downs Syndrome Conference held in the Plymouth Guildhall in 2010.  While there we met lots of wonderful people both delegates and other stall holders, all working to improve the lives of  Downs Syndrome children and their families.

We are really excited to have been invited to the Plymouth Early Years Inclusion Conference, being held on 11th February, at the Kings Road site of Plymouth City College.

This time we will be presenting a workshop entitled 'Using relaxation techniques to foster emotional warmth in ourselves and the children we care for'. 

If you would like to find out more about this Conference email

We will be sharing our relaxation techniques, practised recently at the Rainbow Pre- school and written up in the Plymstock, Plympton and Ivybridge News.  Click here to read the Press Release.


Time To Relax - Support for Parents/Carers of Children with ASD

WiserHealth are very happy to announce 'Time To Relax' monthly meetings developed specially for parents and carers of children on the autistic spectrum.

The sessions will take place at Virginia House, Peacock Lane in Central Plymouth.  The first session is on 8th February and will start at 10.00 am until 12.30.   Please click on events for more information and directions.

Please contact us to book your place on  01752 283953 or email us at



Time to Get Together with Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer 

Hasn't it been great to feel the sun on our backs!  Warmer, kinder weather brings a smile to our faces and makes us all feel so much better.  It's the time when we feel more like socialising so why not use our special Spring into Summer offer to get together with friends or family over the coming sunny season.

Click on Offers for more information about this great introduction to summer!

Or telephone now on 01752 283953


Well Being Clubs Starting 26th January 2011

Plympton Well Being Club

The following dates and themes have been organised for the new Plympton Well Being Club.  The Club will run once a month on a Wednesday morning between 10.15 and 11.45 am at Harewood House (in Meeting Room 2), Plympton PL7 2AS, at a cost of £3 per session.

26th January   - Motivation and Goal Setting

16th February - Nutrition and Diet

30th March      - Exercise

27th April         - Managing Stress

25th May          - Work Life Balance

29th June        - Positive Thinking

The aim of the sessions is to create time and space for us to look at health issues that interest us and to work on personal goals related to improving our well being.  I would really like to build up a supportive group that meets each month to help each other reach our goals and feel better.  The format will loosely be:

  • Welcome and gentle stetching/warm up exercise

  • Group discussion about the monthly theme and personal goal setting

  • Breathing and relaxation exercises - click here for more details

  • Feedback for the next session

Please don't hesitate to contact me on 01752 283953 if you would like more information or wish to reserve a place. You can click here for a flyer to print out the session details.

Map showing location of Harewood House:

View Larger Map">http://
View Larger Map



Christmas Newsletter

It feels great to have finished our first ever WiserHealth newsletter.  Hopefully this will become a regular way of keeping everyone up to date with our activity.  Click here to view.

The newsletter includes:

A Review of the year

Winter and New Year Offers - including Relaxation in a Bag.

An interview with Sandra Walker, a satisfied customer

and much more....

If you'd like to receive regular newsletter mailings please email


Carer's Rights Day - Jurys Inn Plymouth

WiserHealth will be hosting a stall at the Carer's Rights Day event being held on Friday 3rd December at Jurys Inn Hotel, Exeter Road, Plymouth.

This is an important time to be finding out about your rights as a Carer given the latest Equality Bill to be passed through Parliament earlier this year.

WiserHealth will be offering hand massage taster sessions by donation with the proceeds going to Friends and Families of Special Children.

We offer Reflexology, relaxation sessions and information sharing for parents/carers of children on the autistic spectrum and will be starting a regular Well Being Class in January 2011.  Look out for us at the event.

On sale Relaxation C.D.'s and our special Christmas voucher promotion offering 'Relaxation in a Bag'

Telephone: 01752 283953 for more information or email


Downs Syndrome Conference

Many thanks to Kevin Kelway of Outset Plymouth for flagging up the Down's Syndrome Conference taking place at the Plymouth Guildhall on 4th and 5th November.

WiserHealth are very pleased to be attending this event which has a fantastic programme over the two days. Click here for a copy of the conference programme.   C

We will be offering hand massage taster sessions and also gaining knowledge about Down's Syndrome so that we can better aid parents, carers, and children who cope with this condition.

Remember to come and say 'hello' to us when you visit.


Parents on the Plaza

WiserHealth will be joining other Parent Support groups at the Parents on the Plaza event organised by Plymouth Parent Partnership on Saturday 16th October.

The event begins at 10am and parents are invited to come along and see what many services and sources of information are available to parents and carers in Plymouth. 

The event will take place in Plymouth city centre between the sun dial and Royal Parade near the big screen.

WiserHealth will be seeking to gain information from parents and carers on the autistic spectrum to help inform their programme planning for 2011.  They currently run information, relaxation and pampering days and offer one to one treatments for parents and children.


Outset Plymouth Celebration Day

Janet Wise of WiserHealth will be joining around 25 other entrepreneurs at The Lord Mayor's Reception Hall, in Plymouth on 15th October 2010.

Janet Wise was in the first women only group to be run by Outset Plymouth offering Start-Up advice and guidance to women wanting to start up their own business.

Run by Bridget RIce, the group looked at all aspects of running a successful business and Janet is now proud to be one of those business entrepreneurs enjoying support from Kevin Kelway, Marketing Manager in the team, who is helping her to grow the business.

The Reception will welcome Bev Hurley,  Chief Executive and founder of Outset Plymouth who will speak with and inspire the local entrepreneurs.  Bev Hurley was recently honoured with the ‘Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion’.  in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2010.


Bev Hurley, CEO Outset Plymouth


The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion (QAEP) celebrates and recognises the activities of individuals who have played an outstanding and significant role in promoting enterprise skills and attitudes in others in the UK. This award is given to no more than 10 inspiring individuals each year nationally.

Bev Hurley also founded the hugely successful Enterprising Women Network and has given personal mentoring to many individuals and businesses over the years.

Janet Wise said "I'm really looking forward to meeting the other entrepreneurs and Bev Hurley, she's a very inspiring woman, proving that we women have the skills and ability to do very well in the business arena.  I share Bev's passion for wanting to network with other women to help us develop and raise our game"'.




It pays to enter competitions!

I must admit to some scepticism when I answered the telephone to be told I'd won an overnight stay in a three star hotel, including bed, breakfast and evening meal!  However, I was delighted to find out that the call was in fact genuine and thanks to the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and the generous offer from the Arundell Arms Hotel, Lifton, I woud be enjoying a fantastic night away.

I had filled out the Plymouth Chamber's  'Non-members Survey' and learned that I was amongst about 100 or so people to do so.  Lucky me to be the winner!

I attended the Small Business Network to be presented with my prize by the owner of the Arundell Arms, Mr Adam Fox-Edwards.  The Small Business Network  are a lively diverse bunch.  There were many businesses represented from Bone Therapy to Photography, LIfe Coaching to Graphic Design.  During the 'swap business cards and talk for 4 minutes' exercise I chatted to John Miles of John Miles Photograhy, Chris Menlove-Platt of CMP Coaching, Simon Blackler of Set Your Spirit Free Personal and Business Coaching.  Of course I had a chance to practise my 'elevator pitch' and explained how WiserHealth is about helping people feel at their very best, using treatments such as Reflexology, Massage and Relaxation Therapy to manage their stress and any long term health conditions.   

It was an exhausting few hours but well worth it for the advice and encouragement I received.  I left feeling that there are many dynamic business people around in Plymouth putting their energies into trying to support our city's economy. 

Two weeks later with the children safely ensconced at a friend's flat on the Hoe, my husband and I drove the short distance to Lifton.  We stopped on the way for a leisurely lunch but thankfully kept it very light as we knew we were in for a treat at the Arundell Arms restaurant.  We were incrediably lucky with the weather and after checking in we strolled around the small but beautiful garden at the hotel, taking a peek into the circular hut known as the 'cockpit', sadly historically used as a cock fighting pit in Elizabethan times but now housing all the paraphernalia needed for the perfect fishing trip.

At dinner that evening we were attended by really professional staff who didn't bat an eyelid when I requested a table in the corner even though it meant slightly rearranging the furniture!  Our meal was truly delicious, from the three different varieties of bread served with the pork, chicken and pistachio terrine, to the amazing fish casserole with hunks of tender, red mullet, John Dory and Bream.  The dessert was the creamiest panna cotta I had ever tasted.

After the meal we retired to a delightful sitting room for freshly filtered coffee and handmade chocolates.  Around us a family discussed the day's fishing and chose their yummy sounding packed lunches for the next day's adventure on the lakes and river stretches, all owned by the hotel. 

After we'd browsed the magazines it was time to return to our room where a large, comfortable bed awaited us.

The sunny morning encouraged us out for a quick stroll around the village before breakfast which easily lived up to the standard of the evening meal, with lots of fresh bread, a wonderful cooked breakfast and pastries and yoghurt to finish.

It was a wonderfully relaxing break away and came at a very good time for us, as we really needed to recharge our batteries.  Many thanks to the Arundell Arms Hotel, we'd highly recommend it.

Janet Wise,


And the winner is ...

Plymstock Community Festival 4th September 2010
Many thanks to all those people who took part in the Health Quiz.  The lucky winner is 'Tash' who will receive a relaxing foot massage and relaxation treatment. 

  If you would really like to know how well you did, please email me on and I will email you a copy of the answers.


I would also like to say thank you to all the chidren who took part in the Children's health quiz, I was really impressed by all your fantastic answers, what a healthy bunch you must be.

I enjoyed the day and hope everyone who attended the festival also enjoyed the event.  I spoke to some very caring, interesting people and hope to meet them again some day.

Many thanks to the Festival who did a great job bringing everyone together for a fab event.

Janet Wise



Work and Wellbeing Conference

There are some really inspiring companies out there!

I'm really pleased to report back that some UK companies are taking the well being of their staff very seriously and putting in really good programmes to benefit not only their immeditate workforce but their wider families and communities.  Companies like Ginsters, in Callington Cornwall.

I really enjoyed the Conference and learned a lot about the many different programmes on offer.  I particularly enjoyed the presentation from Nash & Co about our legal responsibliities as employers. 

I'll write a detailed report when time permits.


Women Do Business Awards - Most Developed Individual Award Janet Wise!

It is with great pride that I announce myself as a winner of one of the 2010 Women Do Business Awards!

At the end of May around 80 local business women came from all over Devon to the Great Hall at Dartington.  The hall is a fantastic venue, very atmospheric and steeped in history.  We had been invited as members of the Women Do Business Project run by the Community Council of Devon, to an evening of celebration and inspiration and it certainly proved to be that for me!

After showcasing our business ventures and sharing canopes and welcome drinks we were escorted into the hall for our wonderful three course meal and women led 'business entertainment'. 

Celia Delany, a local Business Coach and Consultant helped us perfect our 'elevator pitch' with great humour and fanfare.  Our guest speaker Gloria Lawence then treated us to a taste of 'Story Tree' the cultural education service she offers in schools in Somerset.  Gloria had us singing and chanting and then read us a wonderful story in  rhymic Jamaican patois.  

The final part of the evening was the giving of awards by previous Business award winners. It was with great delight that I heard my name announced as 'Most Developed Individual'.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the business training I've received through the Women Do Business Programme, which has been varied and challenging, covering business development from IT to public speaking.  It was very special to be there among the winners and receive my £250 towards further business development.  I will be using it wisely!  So continuing watching this space.

Janet Wise 


From FeetWise to WiserHealth

It's with great enthusiasm and excitement that I write my first piece of news on this new WIserHealth website.

Previously working on my own as FeetWise concentrating on Reflexology and relaxation I have now teamed up with other local therapists to offer more choice in the wonderful world of Natural Therapies.

In addition I've begun to record my own relaxation CD for Chidlren.  So far I have Pyramid Adventure, I think, a delightful, educational story which uses progressive relaxation techniques to create a calm and peaceful mind.  The story then develops into a visualisation and a great adventure.

I've begun by trialling the story in local primary schools and I've had a fantastic response.

I'll bring you more news about this venture when I move on to the next stage of recording new stories!


Super Summer!

We really hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather this summer - and finding ways of stayed chilled and cool.

With temperatures soring as they are at present many people are feeling the heat and it is important to look after your well being and those of the more vulnerable like children, people with a disablity and the elderly.

These top tips should help!

Drink more water! After finishing with a small glass bottle wash it out and refill with water and carry with you. It is not a good idea to drink from plastic bottles when they have been left in the car in the sun.

Carry an umbrella with you! It may sound strange but the sun it at it's hottest at this time of year and we can burn very easily. Taking an umbrella and using it as a sun shade will help you stay cool.

Reduce the heat by cooling off your feet! Keeping your feet cool will help bring your temperature down. Wear open shoes and ditch the socks! You might want to put your feet into a bowl of cool water that will really cool you down.

Janet Wise July 2018 


Happy New Year!

WIserHealth wish all our customers past and present a Happy New Year! 

Many people will be looking ahead to 2018 and thinking how they wish to change things to make their life better.

We have supported many people to make their well being a priority and ensure greater relaxation and healthier lifestyles - contact us if you would like to try out a complementary therapy new to you or experience again the ones that have already made you feel great!

Have a great 2018!

The WiserHealth Team


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