Complementary Therapies & Prices

If you would like to talk to me about any of these treatments we offer a free 20 minute no obligation consultation.    For clients who wish to embark on a treatment plan I have developed a price package with a number of discounts; to see Prices click here.  Mobile appointments are available and cost slightly more.

WiserHealth now works in partnership with a number of local Massage Therapists all trained to high professional standards and carrying full insurance with professional Complementary Therapy Associations.

We can offer Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage, Holistic Massage, Indian Head MassagePregnancy Massage and we also offer Counselling.  Please call to discuss your requirements on  01752 283953 or email 

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What Can I Expect from a Session?

We offer three, levels of treatment.  If you want to get to know our therapists the 'Pamper Yourself Treatment' is an excellent one to choose. 

Pamper Yourself Treatment

Very reasonably priced at £25.00 for a 40/50 minute session this relaxing foot massage will enable you to experience the WiserHealth approach to health promotion and pampering. 

We have a 'relaxation room' here in Plympton with a specialised  'Relaxator Recliner' which gently tips you into a reclining position.  With calming relaxation music playing in the background the therapist will manipulate your feet carefully and smoothly, first using corn flour to enable free movement around the feet and then peppermint foot lotion, easing away tension and encouraging your muscles to let go from your feet right up to your head and shoulders.  As part of the treatment we listen to our breathing and a short guided relaxation on CD.  There is plenty of time for questions to be answered and hopefully for you to decide that investing your time and hard earned money with one of our therapists will be worthwile!

Full Reflexology, Body Massage

When you make the important decision to invest in Complementary Therapy sessions this is what you can expect from our treatment service.  To aid us in really understanding your health needs we will take a full health history and lifestyle consultation.   Click here to view the template. A full treatment costs £35.00.

With this comprehensive information, together we can make the decision about the best possible approach to your health management.  We see our therapies as  complementary therapy not an alternative therapy and I will always discuss the option of visiting your GP.  We are not qualified to diagnose a condition but we do have a great deal of experience dealing with many different conditions and a keen interest in always learning more.  If you come to me with a condtion with which our therapists are unfamiliar we will research and seek more information to help improve understanding and empathy.  Complementary Therapies are great because they offer a partnership between therapist and client, both working together to develop a more sustainable healthy mind and body.

Our approach is wholistic.  Our therapists are always engaging in Continuing Professional Development and have the benefit of additions skills such as helping with nutrition and meditation. Most importantly we will take the time to really listen to your concerns.  A first treatment can take up to one and a half hours because really assessing where a client is at when they first visit is essential to be able to offer the best possible treatment.  Part of the lifestyle questionnaire will look at exercise, nutrition and diet as I also believe this is an essential part of good health management.

There will often be discussion about breathing techniques and time to practise diaphragmatic breathing with the aid of guided relaxation CDs. Please  click here to view the types of relaxation practised.

The benefits of relaxation are plentiful and great!  A relaxed body is able to cope better with pain and promote better healing.  A relaxed mind approaches all that life throws at it in a calmer yet more decisive way.  Relaxation seems to slow down our world and is there anything we need more than time?!

It is a great privilege to work with people on their health and wellbeing.  It is a very satisfying thing for us to send clients away feeling much better than when they came in!  However, the most rewarding experiences we're found have been with clients who are open to exploring new possibilities and have returned for support in working longer term on their health journeys.  This is why we have developed the WiserSelf Plan.

The WiserSelf Plan

This is a unique treatment plan offered at WiserHealth personally tailored to enable each individual to create a self care plan, designed to help them achieve better health and well being.

Looking after ourselves better 

We are all aware that we need to look after ourselves better and we have come up with an excellent way of helping individuals do just that!  Clients who have already embarked on a WiserSelf Plan have found great results. 

We use the wonderfully relaxing and restorative effects of complementary therapies alongside careful assessment and discussion of health issues and concerns. We work with the health issues you are facing and together set goals and priorities for tackling them in a uniquely holistic way. 

Your own WiserSelf Plan to take away

By the time you have completed your sessions with us you will have your very own WiserSelf Plan to take away and refer to – with priorities set and strategies in place you will have a great sense of empowerment and the confidence to move forward and achieve better health.

This is how the plan works:  It consists of a consultation and detailed lifestyle analysis together with a complementary therapy of your choice.  Prices start from £82.00 for the first two sessions (Stage One: Written Individual Lifestyle Report).  During the following four sessions (each supported by a therapy of your choice) you will work through the areas of Mental Well Being, Nutrition, Exercise and Life Planning. On the completion of these treatment sessions we will have jointly created the full WiserSelf Plan. This is a self care guide to use over the following weeks and months to help you stay true to your health and well being goals for 2018.

Discounts apply when Stage One and Stage Two are booked together. Click here to see WiserSelf Plan prices.

See Offers! or for more information contact Janet on 01752 283953 or email

At WiserHealth we take your health very seriously.  You will be matched up with a therapist to suit your needs.   Massage sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home where mobile fee will be added.  There are some appointments in the therapists own consultation rooms in and around Plympton.  One off treatments always cost more so look out for our special offers and courses of four or more treatments.