Reflexology for Children

Helping our little stars relax is an area that WiserHealth are keen to develop.  We have already taken our unique brand of relaxation into local primary schools and child care settings trialing a relaxation story called 'Pyramid Adventure.'

The story has been very well received by both children and teachers/play leaders.  We have now begun working with Deep Blue Sound recording studios in Plymouth.  Music is being composed to complement the story and later this year we will be searching for a publisher and possibly offering downloads from this web site.

Click here to listen to a demo audio sample of the introduction to Pyramid Adventure.

Janet Wise has also begun working with children in her Reflexology practice and pays particular attention to relaxation using stories and visualisation to help them feel more at ease.  She says "Children have great imaginations and can picture things very easily."

Children often enjoy music and can float off into a relaxed state quite quicky.  The parent of a 10 year old girl recently commented "She has been more relaxed at home while having Reflexology, it really helps her'.

If you would like to discuss whether a Reflexology treatment would suit your child please contact me on 01752 283953 or email

Treatments start from only  costs £18.00*

* Prices based on treatments at 2 St Maurice Road, please enquire for mobile appointments.